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Domestic and Rural Water Tanks

Top Quality Water Tanks for the Home and Farm

At Rhino Water Tanks, we always come charging with the best products and deals. Our large corrugated domestic and rural water tanks are available in a variety of sizes and COLORBOND® colours to suit your every need.  Backed by our 20 year warranty, your Rhino tank is ideal for rainwater harvesting or bore water storage.

All domestic and rural water tanks come fitted out to your specifications, ensuring these meet the need of your home, farm, garden or property. We manufacture our tank shell, roof trusses and liner in the same factory meaning we can control the quality from start to finish.

Rhino Water Tanks takes pride in the safety, durability and quality of our products and even our manufacturing plant. We work to help you make the most of your water storage systems.

Get in touch with us today to place an order or for more information about our domestic and rural water tanks.


Tank Sizes

Rhino's range of Domestic & Rural Tanks are available in the sizes listed in the table below. All tanks listed are 2.2 metres high and are available in ZINCALUME® or the full range of genuine COLORBOND®.



Model Litres Gallons Tank Diameter Pad Size
RT-25 26,062 5,792 3.88 m 5.5 m
RT-40 40,723 9,049 4.86 m 6.5 m
RT-60 58,640 13,031 5.83 m 7.5 m
RT-80 79,816 17,737 6.80 m 8.5 m
RT-100 104,250 23,167 7.77 m 9.5 m
RT-130 131,941 29,320 8.74 m 10.5 m
RT-160 162,890 36,198 9.71 m 11.5 m
RT-200 197,097 43,799 10.68 m 12.5 m
RT-230 234,562 52,125 11.65 m 13.5 m
RT-275 275,284 61,174 12.62 m 14.5 m

For tanks larger than 275,000ltrs or for customised sizes, please contact us for specifications.



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